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Room arrangements for special occasions

If you want to stay for a special occasion such as a birthday or wedding, you can ask the room with customized decorations to make the night more memorable for you. We could manage the decorations in your room or the public space, but in any case, you can ask for all the details that are necessary for a surprise experience.

Cafe discount for hotel guests

If you have chosen Ravi for your stay, in addition to having a welcome drink, you may order from the cafe and restaurant without paying a service fee. We suggest you to try Ravi’s homemade food so that the food experience will sit next to your other accommodation experiences.

Ideas for a better trip

If you are planning to travel to Shiraz, we can offer you a program that will double the joy of your trip. If you need help planning your trip, contact the hosting team and ask them for options to visit, walk or eat and drink.